How Outdoor Signs Can Help Your Business Thrive

Signage is one of the most important marketing strategies for local businesses, as it can be used for both branding and advertising. When shoppers go outdoors with the intent of just looking around, a well-placed and attractive sign for your business can convince them to come in and check out your store. If they are in a hurry, an eye-catching sign will create a lasting impression in the customer’s mind. This means they now know your store exists and they will visit when they are looking for the particular goods or services that you sell.

Outdoor signs can offer a level of professionalism that is often missing from the more generic signs that are placed inside a window or door. For most businesses, an outdoor sign is one of the primary forms of advertising to their local audience. Outdoor signs ensure that your business information is readily on display for everyone to see. This 24/7 promotion helps to increase traffic in your store.

The outdoor sign of a business is one of the best opportunities that a company has to grow its brand. It’s one of the most visible pieces of marketing you will ever invest in for your organization.

According to research, about 76% of people say that they have entered a business based on the business’s sign alone. While over 50% of people stated that a storefront with a bad quality sign, typos in the sign, etc. stopped them from entering the store. This means a striking business sign can turn local residents into new customers.

The vast majority of the customer base of local businesses lives within a five-mile radius of its location. This means a person living in the local neighborhood passes a business 50-60 times a month if the place is in the path of their commute. A well-designed sign can bring in these types of potential customers as impulse shoppers. They may not be intending to go in a particular store, but they stop in simply because they saw the sign and it reminded them that they needed something. Or perhaps they just want to go in because of an inviting sign. Either way, the design of your sign can affect how profitable a business is in the long run.

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