When a hazard or threat cannot be satisfactorily avoided or mitigated in another manner, safety indicators must be employed.

Workplace safety signs are vital for keeping both employees and consumers safe at all times. All of our signs are produced using high-quality materials such as corriboard, aluminium, foamex, and rigid plastic that adhere to industry standards. TruePrint Signs understands how to make high-quality signs with one of the industry’s shortest turnaround times. We manufacture a wide array of health and safety signs for a wide range of businesses, including road safety signs, fire extinguisher signage, construction signs, and much more.

Workplace safety signs are required in all industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, construction, retail, farming, and many more. Popular signs in our inventory include children at play signs, no smoking signs, caution wet floor signs, and assembly point signs.

Our road safety signs are intended to warn motorists and pedestrians of potential hazards when driving or walking, and include speed limit signs, road work signs, pedestrian signs, motorway signs, end of dual carriageway signs, and more.

Fire safety signs are crucial for every business to warn people to the location of fire assembly points, fire extinguishers, and other important information. To dissuade burglars from your property, we provide a variety of security signs, including the most popular, such as CCTV in operation signs and security camera signs.

Car park signs exist in a variety of sizes and materials to advise users about disability parking places, reserved parking, full parking lots, private parking lots, and car park disclaimer signs.

First Aid signs, like many of our other signs, are essential for any kind of company. The most often requested first aid signs are the first aid station room sign and the first aid kit sign, which come with the required first aid package.

We also provide a variety of community safety signage, including water safety signs, child and school safety signs, and recycling signs.

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